The Darling Downs Needs More Feature Films

"we have so much to offer"

12 March 2018

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More feature films need to be produced in the Darling Downs region to help boost the local economy.

Executive Chairman of Toowoomba Enterprise Shane Charles says that we have so much to offer and he wants to see more international directors choosing our region to film.

“We are good enough to have feature films based in the region all year round, all it takes is a ‘big name’ to get tourism booming.

You might recall Chris Hemsworth was here a little while ago doing a film in the Lockyer Valley, lots of people were coming to the region just to get a glimpse of the star and the movie magic.

One, for tourism it is really important but is also shines a light on the area.

I think potentially, if we could just this to a reasonable level, it could bring millions into the community every year.”



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