The Demonisation Of Men Continues

Maybe I'm Just Tired And Grumpy

Cliff Reeve

19 April 2018

Cliff Reeve

A few things have really made their way up my nose this week and it's the continuation of a trend across the world.

Why are men being demonised and why is this even allowed to happen?

This week I saw a tweet from the admittedly murky cesspool that is twitter about a young girl who was upset her dentist was a "boy" and that no female dentists were in the practice. I have no idea why no women were employed there, maybe it was a small family practice, however I wonder why the implication that "girl" dentists are better than boys was allowed to fester.

Twitter was quick to explode, doesn't it always, and people took various approaches to the issue, I didn't see one though to give this girl a balanced idea that men are OK.

Seen many male primary school teachers lately? They are thin on the ground to say the very least.

A friend gives his time coaching girl's junior basketball and has to second guess himself everytime he might have to touch one of the girls about a particular move. How did this happen?

Of course there are monsters out there and they should be dealt with but the old adage of one bad apple applies to blokes more and more.

So often men are also portrayed as hopeless buffoons in TV shows and movies and in society, certainly western society, men are often viewed as potential predators and violent thugs.

We are NOT all going to harm women or kids, we are NOT all disrespectful to women and girls, we are NOT all sexual predators and the message must somehow get through, and by the way I do realize the irony of writing about this issue while being part of the media that has propelled the idea that men are no good.

Where do we end up if young girls are continually told, even by implication of gender politics that men are the enemy?

Consider this too, how and why are men and boys supposed to handle this ongoing situation?

Incidentally, I used to have a female dentist who was an absolute treasure, I couldn't have cared less, I just needed to have my fangs fixed.


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