The Emblems You Want If NQ Becomes It's Own State

A survey has been done

1 March 2018

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Early results from a new survey have revealed the preferred choices of North Queenslanders for the animal and fruit emblems of a new North Queensland state.

Katter Australia Party State leader and member for Traeger Robbie Katter said the choices showed Queenslanders had a close connection to their land.

The survey has revealed the front runner for the new North Queensland State animal emblem is the Cassowary while the Mango currently holds first place as the preferred fruit emblem.

With just over 24 hours until the survey closes, North Queenslanders are encouraged to have their say.

On Tuesday Robbie Katter challenged the Government to a public debate on the creation of a new state.

Since then a number of North Queensland residents have expressed a desire to see the debate go ahead.

Full results of the survey will be known once the poll closes on Friday, March 2 at 5pm.


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