The Gold Coast Is Now Considering High-Rise Cemeteries

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The Gold Coast Council has heard a pitch for high-rise cemeteries as a potential solution to the towns increasing cemetery land shortage. 

A report landed on the council's table in May detailing the urgent lack of burial space and the need to investigate the future of burials across the Gold Coast. 

But Mayor Tom Tate believes the idea is too risky and would not only offend many religions, but also the general public.

However, due to the residential boom on the Gold Coast, Tate confessed that something similar to the 32-story cemetery in Brazil’s Santos will likely be considered. 

"We can look at that. I think it’s not a bad idea to have all your family in the vertical crematorium,” he said.

But it’s certainly not a new age concept. Vertical cemeteries have existed across Brazil, India, Israel and Taiwan for over 40 years.

Another solution floated previously is an underwater memorial garden like The Neptune Memorial Reef located near Miami. 

"Even to the extent, I'd look at what they did in Miami, the underwater cemetery with a dive precinct," says Tate.

The Neptune Memorial Reef near Miami.

An image from The Neptune Memorial Reef near Miami. 

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16 July 2021

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