The GOOD and BAD NEWS from the SUCCESSFUL Keep Esperance Tidy Challenge

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The inaugural Keep Esperance Tidy Challenge held last Sunday August 25 has been hailed a mammoth success, with over 100 bags of trash collected from the streets of Esperance over the space of a morning. 

Organisers of the event were pleased to see the 60 plus volunteers come down to the Greater Sports Oval ahead of the challenge, but were concerned about just the amount of trash was lying around the town. 

In total there was almost half a ton of rubbish, which filled an entire skip bin in one morning of work. 

Sean caught up with Keep Esperance Beautiful's and event organiser Noel Fleming, hear the chat at nine minutes into the audio

The winners of the challenge was the suburb of West Beach, who collected 22 bags. Pink Lake was only one bag off the leading team with a total of 21 bags of trash. 

After a busy morning collecting rubbish the event treated everyone to a BBQ, some face painting and live music from young Esperance talent Campbell Garrett. 

Rubbish pickers commented that most of the trash was sadly collected off the side of the road, most likely discarded by drivers headed towards or along Great Ocean Drive, the popular tourist loop that showcases Esperance's beautiful town beaches such as Twilight and Eleven Mile and then continues along the southern edge of Pink Lake. 

Keep Esperance Beautiful have started a campaign selling stickers that read 'don't be a tosser, just bin it', to try and combat the problem. Locals are encouraged to purchase the sticker, put it on their car and help spread the message. 

Let's keep Esperance BEAUTIFUL!


Sean Lindsay

26 August 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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