The Griffith Base Hospital Auxiliary Have Announced The Reopening Of The Hospital Kiosk

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Griffith Base Hospital Auxiliary have announced the official reopening of the Griffith Hospital Kiosk, along with a series of upgrades to the Griffith Based Hospital Maternity Unit.

Thanks to the persistent hard work of volunteers year after year, along with generous community donations, the Auxiliary is able to provide the hospital with the equipment they need.

Since 1931, the Auxiliary have been raising money through various different projects and community activities including the annual street stall, yearly Christmas raffle and the hospital kiosk.

The funds that are raised through these activities helps to provide the hospital with all of the equipment for both the maternity & children's ward including:

  • GS Core SU Scope
  • Maternity Bladder Scanner
  • Paediatric, Oculus Quest Machine
  • Oncology Stretcher Bed
  • 3 Isolation Trolleys

President of the Griffith Hospital Mrs Ross says this is all thanks to the selfless man hours put in by the volunteers.

“It has been an amazing effort by our 120 volunteers, who dedicate time each week to assist in the Kiosk, as well as helping in other fundraising events during the year... We had interruptions to our usual fundraising activities last year due to Covid-19 Restrictions, but we still have managed to raise so much, including over $70 000 for a new ultrasound kiosk system due to arrive soon.”

- Mrs Ross

The Auxiliary has raised a whopping $200,000 since 2019 with more being donated every year.

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Georgie Marr

12 March 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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