The Griffith City Council Community Grant Program Is Opening Next Week!

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Round one of the Griffith City Council Community Grant Program for the 2019-2020 financial year is due to open from Monday, July 8th!

The Griffith City Council are welcoming applications from community groups, individuals, not-for-profit and charitable organisations as long as their initiatives fit in with the Councils' plan - 'Guiding Griffith 2040'.


The aim of the grant program is to provide the community with new activities and support projects with funding from the Griffith City Council. 

There are many people keen to jump at the opportunity which means this years application process is highly competitive. Chair of the Communities Committee, Councillor Dino Zappacosta says he has a team of keen helpers ready to offer advice on applications.

“Each round is highly competitive with many applications received and we have staff available in the Community Development Team who can provide advice which could assist to strengthen your application.”

- Councillor Dino Zappacosta

 If you're hoping to submit an application this year but you're not sure whether you can meet the required criteria, head on into the FREE information session where there will be a handful of happy helpers ready to guide you through the application process. 


The information session will be happening at the Griffith City Council at 1 Benerembah Street on Thursday, July 18th from 12PM till 5.30PM.

So don't be shy, if you have an awesome idea, share it with the community! The application process will close on Friday, August 9th so don't miss out! Follow the link for application forms! 

Georgie Marr

3 July 2019

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Georgie Marr

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