The Hunt for the $25,000 Velociraptor Missing in Tasmania

A Dinosaur Unleashed

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A fully animatronic Velociraptor worth $25,000 has been stolen from an exhibit at the Country Club Tasmania in Launceston.

After a tour of Tasmania as part of the Jurassic Creatures exhibit, the model dinosaur, affectionately known as ‘Rappy’, was noticed as absent on Friday morning. Organisers are asking it to be returned before Wednesday, when the rest of the exhibition is expected to be shipped back to the mainland.

It’d be pretty tricky to hide,” said Jurassic Creatures Tour Manager, Bronson Little.

I’ll drop all charges if I can get it back, no questions asked if they drop it back off at the Country Club or just tell us where it is so we can pick it up”, he said.

A reward is being offered if the trailer is found.

Anyone with information about the trailer’s whereabouts are asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Jurassic Creatures Facebook Page (here)

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25 May 2021

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