The Hunter Calls For Pause on Removal Services From Sydney

What is 'essential?'

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There's a growing push to pause all removals services from Sydney to the Hunter after Saturday's Covid scare in Wallsend.

Two removalists who were infected stopped off at the Westbound service station on Thomas Street on Saturday afternoon prompting a health warning.

The Hunter calls for pause on removal services from Sydney

MP Tim Crakanthorp says at the very least, removalists should be required to undergo more covid tests.

“I think this government needs to look very closely at removalists and certainly get them tested very frequently. Because if they are going throughout the state, and it;s so easy, as we’ve seen to move throughout and infect communities.”

While there are now also complaints of Uber drivers from Sydney relocating to the Hunter.

According to The Herald people have raised it with Hunter New England Health and it's been referred to Crime Stoppers.

It's again sparked questions about what is regarded as essential work in the midst of a pandemic.

Anyone at the service station in Wallsend on Saturday, July 17 between 2.45 pm and 3 pm is being urged to get tested and isolate and isolate until a negative result is returned.

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21 July 2021

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