The latest and CRAZIEST desserts to try on the Coast!


4 October 2017

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We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and again.

So why not do it in the most extreme, craziest and sugariest way possible?

Pat yourself on the back with one of these bad boys...

Triple Twinkie Sundae, Brooklyn Depot Kitchen & Brew

JUST LANDED. Three house made Twinkies, A Red Velvet Twinkie, Smores Twinkie and a Cookies & Cream Twinkie served with white and dark chocolate ice cream, crushed nuts and a cherry on top! Cherry counts as healthy, right?! 

Where: Brooklyn Depot Kitchen & Brew, Surfers Paradise 

Baked Twix Cookie Dough Skillet, Ze pickle




Baked twix & choc chip cookie dough skillet w/ ice cream & marshmallow gravy w/ added reece's peanut butter cups.

Come. On.

Where: Ze Pickle, Burleigh Heads. 

Funnel Cakes, Night Quarter




Soft like a donut, crispy like a churro with the sweetness of a waffle. The Funnel Cones are filled with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and crazy toppings! Not to mention, it's served to you by dancing girls in colorful outfits. SAY WHAT?! 

Where: Night Quarter, Helensvale



Freak Shakes, Guilty Cafe




These self proclaimed crazy shaker makers are next level. Conjuring up the most insane milkshakes that have taken a sweeter, deadlier turn. More ice cream. More toppings. More everything. So wrong, it's right. 

Where: Guilty Cafe, Currumbin Waters 

Can you handle one or all four of these?

Gotta go, getting a sugar high from just talking about it. 



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