The Latest On AFL Membership Refunds

Multiple options.

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Tom Browne reported this morning that the AFL have reached out to hundreds of thousands of members to outline their options for a membership refund. 

Browne explained that the league have given three options for existing members.


He reported that members will have the opportunity to leave their membership as is, ask for a full refund or request a 'intermediate' refund. 

The 'intermediate' membership refund will see fans receive around $470 of their estimated $640 purchase. 

Eddie McGuire confirmed Browne's reports and urged fans to contact their club's membership department if they need any assistance. 

"I think all the clubs will be doing that in the next day or so," McGuire said. 

"The ACCC have been involved (with) all the clubs, and as we've said, if anyone has got any issues just ring the club and everyone will be looked after."

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19 May 2020

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