The Model Speaks Comes To Narrogin

Learn how to draw an "undraped” model

30 January 2018

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Has life drawing been on your bucket list for a while? Or maybe you've just wondered what all the fuss was about and why so many people are hooked on drawing other people...

This is your chance to try life drawing in a one-off workshop style session to give you a go – learning to draw an "undraped” (aka nude) female model.

All tuition and materials are provided (charcoal, paper, drawing boards, snacks etc) 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a pencil since primary school – this workshop is geared to the absolute beginner! Jane will take you through various exercises and show you some easy techniques and new perspectives. And if you have been quite the "drawer" but have gotten out of the habit this is a great way to kick start your return to drawing!

All you have to do is turn up…

This is a session where the model also runs the workshop and guides you through a series of exercises and techniques to expand your ideas of how to draw people! And because the model is speaking you can also ask questions: "what's it like being nude in public?" and “why can’t you just get a desk job?" 

This will be a good 2 hour session with a "brain break" in the middle.

If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask. 
This session is available to both men and women, anyone who isn't afraid of trying something new.

Tickets: $49.50 inclusive of all materials. 
Venue: Former Jewellers (Next to ARtS SPACE), 82 Federal St Narrogin
Date and time: February 4 2018, 10.30 am -12.30 pm

Contact ARtS Narrogin to book your place!

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