The Moment We Told A Melbourne Couple Stranded In Mexico We Will Help Get Them Home

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This morning we heard the story of Bec Patton and Jay Morrow, a Melbourne couple who went to Mexico to try and get help for Jay’s liver cancer and are not stranded there.

Flights back into Australia are becoming more and more difficult to come by, and making matters more complicated is the fact that Bec is now pregnant and only has a small window in which to fly.

After watching their story as reported by Dougal Beatty on the Channel 9 News, an unnamed philanthropist got on to Eddie McGuire, and told him to get in contact with them to tell them that she would fund their trip home.

Listen to the moment we passed that on to Bec and Jay here:

“Not only is she prepared up up to $50,000 to get you home, cash, but she is also offering her support as far as getting the travel agency sorted out and any other support she can possibly give,” Ed said.

“And I can tell you she’s got the horsepower to give you a fair bit of support too, this particular person.”

Ed said it was the Channel 9 interview with Dougal Beatty that inspired the woman to get in touch with him.

“She watched your story last night Dougal Beatty, and was in tears,” Ed said.

“As I said, the phone rang about 30 seconds after the story went to air and she went straight into the action and thought that I might be able to connect everybody up through Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.”

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“We’re so grateful for this, our children are grateful,” Bec told the Hot Breakfast.

“We’re just so happy to get home.”

Watch Dougal Beatty's report that set things in motion here:


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Rudi Edsall

25 August 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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