The Mouse Plague Looming Over NSW

Narrabri Home Burnt Down By Mice

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A family in Narrabri who had their home burnt down by the mouse plague in New South Wales said they were at breaking point after having to deal with months of the rodents.

Mice chewed through live wires within the family home, sparking the blaze, and were then seen jumping from the roof as it was set alight.

Rebecca, the mother of the family, said she was devastated, but that her kids were keeping her going. After dealing with what she described as the ‘nightmare’ plague, the Narrabri family were left functionally homeless.


Millions of mice had been wreaking havoc by swarming schools, hospitals and houses in the eastern regions of New South Wales in early 2021.

The state’s farming industry was left decimated, as farmers were having their crops ravaged by vermin. Some reports allege that the mice had even resorted to cannibalising their own.

There are predictions that remnants of the scourge could reach Sydney in the coming months by stowing away on trucks and in food crates.

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26 May 2021

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