The New Album With One Of Taylor Hawkins’ Final Performances

From Mark Ronson's Record Label

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US singer King Princess hopes her new album serves as a tribute to the late drummer

NEW York musician King Princess has described how she managed to work with Taylor Hawkins just before his death.

The Foo Fighters drummer guests on King Princess' Let Us Die from her new album Hold On Baby.

Signed to Mark Ronson's record label, the Queens of the Stone Age producer used his connections to get Hawkins to drum on the track.

"I played it for Mark, he said ‘this is gonna be great, we need a drummer. What do you think about Taylor Hawkins?' Obviously I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan, I love Taylor's solo albums and I love Alanis (Morissette). So Mark asked him and he said he'd do it."

- King Princess told Linda Marigliano on LiSTNR's New Music.

With King Princess recording her album in New York, Hawkins added his drums in Los Angeles.

"In between takes we'd Facetime and we'd talk. I grew up a little rock and roll kid. Rock and roll lives forever, it's everything. When I see the landscape of what rock and roll is right now - it's just not rock and roll. Rock and roll is Zeppelin, it's 90s grunge. That's the era I connect to, which I always go back to, it has to do with chordal resolve, beautiful melodies and hard drums."

- King Princess

King Princess cleared using Hawkins on the track with his family and said she hopes the track serves as a tribute to him and a reminder of the power of rock.

King Princess will tour Australia next year opening for Florence and the Machine.

"I'm a huge Australia stan. I love to party in Australia because the people are so kind, it's so much fun to just rip it. You guys are some pirates! It's fierce."

- King Princess

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15 September 2022

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