The New Royal Adelaide Hospital Is Open (Finally)

Historic Day For SA

Sean Maynard

4 September 2017

Sean Maynard

Pic: Amanda Bachmann (@akbachmann)

This is it. Adelaide's new $2.3 billion hospital is open.

The Emergency Department at the western end of North Terrace received its first patient shortly after opening at 7am.


At the same time, the old ED in the east end closed and the fences went up.

Staff there are directing emergency patients up North Terrace to the shiny new hospital that opens 17 months late, but ready as ever.


The State Government is quick to point out the n-RAH is the most technologically advanced hospital in Australia.

It boasts single-room patient rooms for some 800+ people, dozens of operating theatres and plenty more natural light throughout.

The Emergency Department's capacity rises from 59 at the former hospital to 70 and extra staff have been rostered on to help with the transition.

It's also the most expensive building ever built in Australia, and the third most expensive in the world.

130 patients have been transferred from the old hospital to the new one so far.

There are plans to have all 350 moved the 2 kilometres up North Terrace to the new facility by the end of tomorrow.


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