The Perth Mint Is Releasing A Series Of ‘Simpsons’ Themed Coins!

Think of all the peanuts you could buy!

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The folks at The Perth Royal Mint have totally outdone themselves this time. They have just announced a series of special edition SIMPSONS collectible coins.

Simpsons fans can expect to see eight coins in total, all depicting an “iconic character or motif from the ever-popular prime time TV series.

“The Simpsons series consists of eight 1oz coins and a 2oz coin superbly struck from 99.99% pure silver,” the Perth Mint explained in a statement released.

“The first three coins in the exclusive offering, which includes a rare investment coin, was unveiled at the prestigious 47th World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany to a global audience of minting organisations, coin distributors, collectors and gift buyers.”

“The sole bullion coin showcases the “D’OH!” above Homer Simpson in his iconic catchphrase pose. A half-eaten glazed donut with sprinkles, Homer’s favourite treat, replaces the letter O in D’OH.”



Completing the series in the coming months, the remaining coins will feature Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and a Duff Beer can.”





So, where can you get these sweet, sweet, coins? 

  • If you’re in Perth head to the Perth Royal Mint, 310 Hay Street, East Perth
  • Online at Perth Royal Mint
  • Call 1800.098.814 (Australia) - +61.8.9421.7218 (International)
  • Head to an Australia Post outlet

Be prepared to spend a bit on these sweet treats.  The three featured coins start at $59 - $230 each. That’s some hefty dollerydoo but hey if you’re a fan how much is too much, right?

More info right here.



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4 February 2019

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