Sydney's Most Iconic Bar Has Closed For Good

It's the end of an era.

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Some sad news for Sydneysiders.

The Piccolo Bar in Rosyln Street in Kings Cross, which was pretty much the heart of the cross for 65 years, is closing.

You may have heard of the cafe Cold Chisel made famous in "Breakfast At Sweethearts", well The Piccolo Bar is even more famous for Sydneysiders.

“It is very sad,” said legendary owner-operator Vittorio Bianchi, 82, on

“But the Cross is so quiet now, it’s dead after the lockout laws and the ban on smoking inside, and outside, cafés. The politicians have done a good job of killing the place.”

It was a tiny little cafe and in slightly notorious location with very interesting clientele.

Jeff Buckley, Marianne Faithfull, Boy George and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers all sat in The Piccolo Bar at one time or another. Listen to the full audio below.

26 June 2017

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