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Anecdotally, Esperance locals and tourism vendors have all claimed visitor numbers across town are getting bigger and bigger every year.

The overflow camping area at the Greater Sports Oval had guests for longer than ever before and (slowly) hospitality venues are noticing more busier days in peak holiday periods. 

Now, Tourism WA have produced the numbers to prove our long-suspected sentiments... and the figures are very exciting!

  • The rolling three year average of annual visitors have increased to about 223 thousand, including 23 thousand international guests
  • Estimated visitor nights are 890,000... big numbers for our camping grounds and hotels
  • The average length of stay for a visitor to town is four nights
  • Generally, other Australians arriving in town for a trip are doing so for a holiday (63%) as opposed to visiting family and friends or business related trips
  • Unsurprisingly International tourists visit for a holiday (90%)
  •  The mix of age groups visiting the town is about even from 20 years old to 65.

Aegon played Sean's TOURISM QUIZ on Thursday's Breaky Show

The numbers say it all and with summer approaching the town will be gearing up for yet another (hopefully) busy peak tourism period!

For a more comprehensive snapshot of Esperance's tourism stats please consult the Tourism WA website. 

Sean Lindsay

8 August 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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