The Screaming Jets & Baby Animals Go Head To Head

Live Review


8 July 2017


Image: The Screaming Jets/ Baby Animals

It’s as if we stepped in a smoke filled pub in the 90s.

Before we wanted to blow up the pokies, before phones were smarter than humans, before we socialised on the internet we went to grimy, sticky, pubs where we were entertained by the best live bands our country had to offer.

Thankfully, the countries best live bands are still kicking on and tonight’s double header of The Screaming Jets and Baby Animals took us back to that golden era of Aussie rock.

Approaching a SOLD OUT 170 Russell, rock fans snaked around the CBD live music venue, a sea of rock tee’s from Gunners to The Tatts proving this was a solid rock show we were about to experience.

The openers, Home Grown band Palace Of The King got the already full room in the mood, with their 70s inspired rock jams, we were grooving to this Melbourne rock band.


With a toss of a coin it was The Screaming Jets are up next.

There’s no denying frontman Dave Gleeson was born to entertain.
Every moment he is on stage he is on!

Gaining success in the 90s, there is no sign of age with the high energy of the crowd, Gleeso flashing his Bon Scott tattoo on his arm, literally wearing his influence on his sleeve.

The now packed mosh pit, a sea of black tee’s called for a set of sing-a-longs as ‘The Jets’ pleased us with crowd favourites, Better, Helping Hand and the classic cover Shiver yet kept us rocking with their newer rock ballads.

Hear Gleeso chat about the tour:

The headliner and final act of this jam packed night of rock is Baby Animals.

Now it really felt like the 90s.

That band are ageless!

The look. The sound. It felt like we were back at the local RSL sinking tinnies, head banging to these Aussie classics.

When it comes to lead singers, BA (as Gleeso refers to them as) front woman, Suze DeMarchi is up there with the best this country’s seen.
She’s cool, she’s sexy, she’s real, she can belt out a tune and scull a beer on stage in one chug.

The bands’ hits that made them the rock band of the 90s, Rush You, Early Warning and Painless prove they’re timeless and the crowds reaction shows just how much we still need to hear music like this today.

Tomorrow night, the 6 week tour ends at Chelsea Heights Hotel, Victoria.

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