INXS’s Brotherly Pact That We Never Knew About

Behind the Hits – Michael Hutchence

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Aussie rock royalty INXS have revealed the financial deal which bonded them for life.

Talking to Behind the Hits – Michael Hutchence: INXS, band members Jon Farriss and Kirk Pengilly have opened up on the business decision at the very start of their career to split songwriting royalties.

Jon Farriss said the idea came from their late manager Chris Murphy who’d seen money split other bands

“It was one of the smartest things any band could do.”

- Jon Farriss, INXS Drummer & Founding Member

The band reveal the exact split below

Behind the Hits – Michael Hutchence: INXS explores the birth of INXS, the tragic death of Michael Hutchence and how the superstar band carried on without their superstar, despite public criticism. Hear it on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.

Have a listen to the full two-part podcast below:

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Cameron Adams

19 November 2022

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Cameron Adams

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