The SFF Party Claim New Drought Package Won't Help Farmers

Can the farmers catch a break?

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The NSW Government has decided to widen the threshold for low interest loan amounts as part of the new Drought Assistance Package. 

Through the Farm Innovation Fund, drought stricken farmers can now borrow up to $1 million, however, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party believe this could send farmers plummeting into a pool of debt. 


SFF Party leader Robert Borsak says more debt is the last thing farmers need during this stressful time. 

"Farmers don't want more loans. The last thing farmers need is more debt. Debt is driving so many families to ruin."

- Robert Borsak

The party leader also says the NSW Government have prioritised Sydney projects over the wellbeing of drought affected farmers. 

"This government is spending more on its Sydney light rail project than they are on all drought assistance packages combined across the state.”

Griffith Farmer, Helen Dalton, who has been recently elected as the SFF member for Murray is elated that the Government answered her pleas to have farmer fees eradicated but also believes that farming employees and communities are not receiving adequate assistance. 

"My office has had pleas from farm employees who have lost their jobs or had hours reduced, but are still not eligible for any drought assistance."

- Helen Dalton

In order for someone to qualify for reasonable drought assistance, they are required to fill out a substantial amount of complex paper work, which many farmers find too difficult. 


Mrs Dalton says seeking assistance should not be this difficult. 

"It's no use providing assistance when you make it impossible to access".

The much needed assistance from the NSW Government may have proved to be too little, too late with a loss of two major rural seats forcing the Government to take action. 

Georgie Marr

12 June 2019

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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