The Sperm Donor Conundrum... Would You Tell Your Child?

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On the back of the 60 Minutes story about the bloke hell bent on fathering as many kids as he can through sperm donation, The Big Breakfast put the call out to anyone in Perth who may have gone down that path.

And yes, they got some calls.

Warren from Clarkson actually rung in - it turns out his brother donated his sperm in order for Warren and his wife to have kids.

When it came to the question of whether they'd tell their little one the story of his conception, Warren shared that they will most likely not.

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Of course, it's a horses for courses type approach to these sorts of things. We can't really comment on a decision if we haven't been in that position ourselves.

Warren wasn't the only caller we got. Rick from Ellenbrook also had a story about sperm donation, but this time around, the little ones have been told the full story.

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18 February 2019

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