The Tanker Chronicles Project Need Your Help And Stories About The Tanker Jetty

A Special Local Project

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The Esperance Tanker Jetty is currently being deconstructed, with its replacement set to be opened in 2021. The wooden structure has had a rich and colourful history in its 84 years serving the Esperance community and while the original jetty may be getting removed from the bay its memory and history can still live on through the Tanker Chronicles. 

Started by a local group of Esperance residents, the Tanker Chronicles project needs YOUR stories about the jetty to collect and publish for the public in a graphic novel. The finished product, with historic photos and jetty anecdotes, will be available from the Esperance museum, library and at the Shire chambers once it has been completed.  

Maybe it was an encounter with Sammy the Seal, perhaps you spilled some of your Beryls burger on your white, clean shirt or you happened to pull up a SHARK onto the jetty back in the day. You may have taken your first date on there, or had a birthday party maybe even a WEDDING! Whatever the story, no matter how significant or insignificant you think it is the Tanker Chronicles will take them all, collate them and capture them in such a way that those stories, the memory of the Tanker Jetty, is not lost. 

Sean caught up with the Tanker Chonicles Community Liaison Officer Christiane Smith on the Breakfast Show


The success of the project completely depends on the community's involvement so if you do have a story please send it via email to Chistiane Smith, [email protected].

Internet illiterate? Not to worry, you can write a letter or even tell the story in person to Christiane, just contact the email above.

Sean Lindsay

9 December 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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