The Top Five Aussie Beard Styles Have Been Named

Does your beard make the list?

15 November 2017

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According to the latest data from Bookwellhere are the the Top Five Aussie Beard Styles of 2017. 

The survey also revealed men have become more obsessed about their image over the past 5 years: 

- 75% Aussies think men spend longer on personal grooming than 5 years ago. 

- 1 in 4 think men spend longer in bathroom than women.

- 36% higher maintenance.

- 34% more obsessed and even narcissistic.

- 41% sensitive about weight.

- 33% more metrosexual.

In addition, Bookwell  have also released Australia's Top Five 'Below the Belt' Grooming Styles of Aussie men: 

1. Cave Man - Completely hairy and not trimmed.

2. Full Monty - All hair removed, front and back.

3. Smooth operator - Hair all over and trimmed.

4. Magic Mike - All hair removed from the backside, very short at the front and groomed into a neat triangle shape at the front. 

5. The Joker – Man who creates his own shape based on his personality. Could even be in the shape of a heart, dyed pubic hair pink or purple or trimmed to showcase a tattoo.

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