The Top Funniest Zoom Meeting Fails

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We've all adjusted to the new norm of working from home, right?

You'd think we'd be passed the times of forgetting to mute ourselves on the all staff zoom meeting, or standing up and remembering too late we're not wearing pants.


Zoom has become an essential video call service for staff working from home, family reunions, land students participating in classes during the COVID-19 restrictions. And when it comes to embarrassing moments, no one is safe!

Keep reading (and enjoy carefree internet) for the 10 best Zoom fails you'll never want to commit…and thanks to our friends at Telstra Shepparton, they have pledged additional mobile data and unlimited home broadband data for their consumer and small business customers. Enjoy! 

It's not easy to be taken seriously when you're a potato. And yes, I mean literally. a. potato. 

Nor is it easy to get out of a sticky situation like this one... 


This is truly what nightmares are made of!! 


We all dread speaking up on a Zoom call, knowing our face is taking prime position on all screens. What's worse is when it isn't expected... 

If you're short on conversation starters, this person wouldn't recommend gaming apps! 


Aren't pants are optional in the home workplace? 


Kids are the new coworkers for parents who are working from home.


Zoom issues? Drop into to see the helpful Telstra Team at your local Telstra Store.

Speaking of kids, who can forget this iconic BBC News moment when a Dad was interrupted by his toddlers back in 2017? It's an oldie but a goodie.


But unfortunately some interruptions aren't so welcome... 


Pets are not only welcome but encouraged to join any Zoom call I'm on. 


Have you had a Zoom fail? Let us know what happened in the Facebook comments! 

The world is quickly changing but out friends at Telstra are providing updates and information on their Telstra Exchange Blog, Facebook Page or contact your local Telstra stores and Telstra Business and Technology Centres (1300 822 236) to better understand how Telstra can help you and your business. 

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9 June 2020

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