The Triple M Network Stands Together With You For ANZAC Day

Driveways At Dawn

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The Triple M and Hit networks will stand together this ANZAC Day to encourage listeners from across the nation to support our Australian service men and women.

The ANZAC Day Commemorative Service will be broadcast across all 98 stations, on the both the Triple M and Hit networks, live from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Justin Wilbur, who is the son of a Vietnam War Veteran, created a Facebook group to spread the word of a new way to commemorate ANZAC Day while the world is isolation. It is now a global movement and one which the Hit and Triple M Networks are proud to be a part of.

Listeners are encouraged to head to the end of their driveways, balconies or backyards and listen by tuning in to the radio or streaming the service from the Triple M or Hit network apps.

Head of Hit Network, Gemma Fordham, said: “This year we can’t attend our local dawn service but we hope delivering the commemorative service through our radio stations and app gives every person and family the opportunity to remember.

“We know during these times we are unable to stand together, and on a day that is so significant to us all, we know the importance of symbolising to those whom we have lost, to those who have bravely served and those who continue to serve, that we stand with them.”

Head of Triple M Network, Mike Fitzpatrick, said: “April 25th is a significant day in Australia and Triple M is privileged to be able to help our listeners commemorate our service men and women both past and those currently serving.”

Stand together this ANZAC Day - listen to the ANZAC Day Commemorative Service broadcast live on the Hit and Triple M Networks from 5.30am on Saturday 25 April.

22 April 2020

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