The Troubling Stat That Shows How Rubbish Australia Are At Bowling To The Tail

Australia Rubbish After Taking 5 Wkts

28 December 2016

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As Australia once again struggled to finish off the Pakistan tail at the MCG today, they contributed to a troubling stat that we really aren't very good at taking wickets number six to ten. 

In fact, this summer Australia have conceded more than TWICE as many runs for the opposition's last five wickets than they have scored themselves. 

Out of eight innings, after getting their opponents five down, the Aussies have conceded 1,317 runs worth an average of 164 runs per innings. Three of those eight innings were declarations, two of which came in the first innings. 

In the First Test of the summer, South Africa added 161 and 194 from their two innings at the WACA after going five down. Then in the Second Test in Hobart they added another 194 as we went down by an innings. 

Even in the Third Test in Adelaide, the South Africans took their first innings total from 117-5 to 259-9dec. Overall in that series, Australia conceded 751 for the last five South African wickets compared to 866 for the first five.

And the current series has been even worse. After knocking over Pakistan for 86 and having them 173-5, there was nearly the ultimate embarrassment for the Aussies as a further 277 runs were put on. And at the MCG that was nearly matched after Pakistan declared on 443-9, 203 of which were put on after getting them 240-5.

In comparison, during the same tests, our last five wickets have added just 518 runs over six innings, at an average of 86.33 per innings.

Absolute rubbish. 

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