The Worrying Stats About Aussie Blokes & Their Mates That You Need To Know

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8 May 2017

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Studies have shown that 70% of Australian men consider themselves able to provide support to our mates.

However, only 48% say their friends would provide sufficient emotional support to them.

So, despite men being there for our mates, most of our mates don't realise we're there for them.

Lack of social connection is an important protective factor against depression and mental health issues, especially for men between 30 and 65. Nearly a quarter of men at this age are at risk from social isolation, and half of us are judged not to have strong personal support. 

This potentially fatal truth is pretty much never spoken about. Men don't usually feel like they can bring up their isolation in conversation. 

Which is why the good blokes at Movember come in. 

Last year, they started Mayeight (Mate). The official date for blokes to catch up with their mates - even if it's been a long time. 

Using the most popular word in the Aussie lexicon, Mayeight is a chance to make a proper connection with the people who we like hanging out with and who we would be there for when they need us (but they don't realise right now).

mix94.5 is proud to partner with Movember to promote Mayeight across Australia.

Listen out on air today for advice on connecting with your mates, from sending them a text and making a call to meeting up for a long-overdue cold beer. Or maybe something even more unusual. Just a call saying "How's it going, mate?" will change their day and maybe their life. And today's your excuse.

To check out more about Mayeight, check out their website here.

And make that call. It's amazing how much better both you and your mate will feel.  

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