The Worst Moments For WiFi To Fail You

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Warning: below is a sight that will make your teeth clench and eye twitch.

Giving a bad name to circles everywhere, this little devil is never a welcome sight.

But if your home WiFi likes to play it fast and loose with the reliability, it’s a sight you’ll know all too well.

The release of the My Telstra app has us thinking about the times we simply couldn’t bear a signal dropout.

Please to enjoy our gallery of misery below.

The Watching TV Drop-Out

“No, Night King! Yes, Arya! Wait – he stopped her! WHAT’S GONNA HAP-”

***Signal failure*** Many things thrown at router.

The Working From Home Drop-Out

“So very glad I have finished that lengthy and heavily edited email to the client. Was totally worth the 25 minutes. I’ll just press send and –“

***Signal failure*** Draft lost. White-hot anger tears flow.

The Kid iPad Drop-Out

“You settle in to watch Bluey here, so Mummy and Daddy can use the TV to finally catch up on what happens to Arya. What d’ya mean it’s not loa-“

***Signal failure***  Bluey viewing subsequently switched to TV.

The moral of the story? You don’t need Australia’s best network… until you do.

Thankfully, it’s even easier to make the switch to Telstra’s reliability - with their My Telstra app.

Self-service, billing and tech support, outage updates, order tracking, direct support messaging… it’s like having a little WiFi genie in your pocket.

Don’t put up with the spinning circle of doom! Jump on the Great Network Train, download the My Telstra App HERE and never look back!

In association with Telstra

28 July 2020

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In association with Telstra

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