There's A Measles Alert For Perth & Albany

What to do if you're infected

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There's been a measles alert for the Perth metropolitan area and Albany after an infected person visited a number of venues in those areas between January 11-14.

Doctor Tanya Wallace spoke with Adam this morning to chat about the infection.

It's the most easily spread of infectious diseases and if you're not immune, you can catch the disease just by being in the same room as someone infected.

It's important you look out for signs and symptoms until the end of January, such as high fevers, sore eyes and a chesty cough - which is followed by a rash a few days later, which starts at the face and spreads to the body.



Missed the chat? Listen to Doctor Wallace chat about the signs & symptoms of measles and what to do if you think you're infected: 

Amber Lowther

18 January 2019

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Amber Lowther

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