These Are The 10 Worst Intersections In Sydney For Car Crashes

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7 August 2017

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The worst intersections in Sydney for car collisions while merging have been revealed. 

“The two worst intersections are where Parramatta Rd and Silverwater Rd intersect with the M5, they have the highest collision rate due to having the highest traffic volume and reflects the traffic volume from Greater Western Sydney,” Robert McDonald, Research Director for NRMA Insurance told The Sunday Telegraph.

The majority of collisions happen when drivers who are trying to merge drive too slowly and don't keep up with the speed of the traffic. 

“Slowing down in merging lanes when the traffic on the main road is doing 90 to 100km/h is a big problem. You need to try and match the speed of the traffic. Those driving too slowly onto the main road are only asking for trouble as those who let them in are at risk of a rear ending,” Mr McDonald said.

1. Parramatta Rd - intersecting with the M4

2. Silverwater Rd - intersecting with the M4

3. Homebush Bay Drive - intersecting with the M4

4. Hume Hwy - intersecting with the M5 in Liverpool

5. Cumberland Hwy - intersecting with the M4

6. Pacific Hwy and Mona Vale Rd

7. Victoria Rd and Church St junction in Top Ryde

8. Princess Hwy and Bay St Rockdale

9. Homebush Bay Drive and Concord Rd junction at Rhodes

10. Bridge St, between George St and Macquarie St in Sydney

The list is based on NRMA Insurance claims data from January 2016 - December 2016.Traf

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