They Are Slithering Their Way Back Among Us

SNAKE Alert!

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The heat is on – the weather temps are rising and so are the numbers of slithering visitors to the region.

Yes, that time of year when we love everything summer but dread the sight of slithering reptiles making their presence known as they come out of hibernation.

Snakes are out and on the prowl and can turn up anywhere – like your bathroom.

That’s where one resident came face to face with a six foot deadly Eastern Brown.  The woman called Emergency Services after she found the unwelcome visitor bathing in her bathroom basin last week. 

The woman who had filled the basin to wash her cat, returned to the horrifying sight and immediately called for help.

And a Maryvale teenager was bitten by a snake yesterday afternoon.

Paramedics were called to South Branch Road just before 1pm to attend to the girl.

Be alert folks!

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9 October 2018

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