Things You Can Only Do While Living On-Campus

A checklist for every boarder

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So, you survived remote learning during the pandemic? Congratulations!

With things opening up (and university quickly approaching), there are a few Must Do's you'll need to prepare for.

Sure, there are classes, study, assignments, and all that ‘learning’… but here’s the important stuff you’ll need to check off your list.

Get a part-time job

Café’s won’t wait themselves - you’ll need extra cash so you can explore your new home and enjoy all the places the region has to offer!

Get vocal and support a local cause

It’s important to stand for something…anything. When you make your move to Deakin you will find lots of great organisations and causes, so you can really make a difference?

Experience a whole series of firsts

By becoming a resident at Deakin University, everything you need will be right on your doorstep.

You will make instant connections, learn to cook, broaden your view and gain independence. Student accommodation will give you the safe space required to live your best student life.

Being recognised as one of the best in the business, Deakin has been praised for creating a positive, welcoming community while also holding a position in the Top 5 Victorian universities, meaning you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals while landing yourself some strong qualifications.

Choosing to live on-campus will give you the chance to connect with other residents sharing your apartment, unit or building, gather in study or communal spaces, or make the most of outdoor areas to chat about life or that latest assignment that’s due tomorrow.

Oh, and after all that… you'll also get a degree.

Does this sound like the life for you? Apply for accommodation at Deakin here.

Find out more about the Deakin Residential lifestyle by checking out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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2 December 2021

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In association with Deakin Residential Services

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