This Is How You Can Save Extra Money This Summer

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Summer isn't too far away, so it's about time we plan how we can enjoy everything it has to offer without spending a whole heap of money!

We're used to electricity bills, grocery bills and more being at an all-time high, but what if you could save some money this summer?

Here's how you can: 

Suspend your gym membership 

Who needs a gym membership in summer?! Save some money by suspending or cancelling your membership and enjoy the outdoors!

There's so many activities you can enjoy in summer which are way more fun than hitting the gym. 

Take your workouts outside and get some fresh air, buy some equipment and head to your local park, try something new with the family - the options are endless. 

Get fruit and veg from markets

It's almost mango season! If you're looking forward to all the in-season fruit and veg, then have a look at your local markets to get the best prices. 

You'll save so much money doing your shopping at the markets compared to your local supermarket. Plus, it's always a great day out!

Wash your clothes in cold water 

Save some money and wash your clothes in cold water. They still turn out great, you can hang them on the line instead of using the dryer and you're good to go! 

It saves a bunch of energy and can make your clothes last longer too. 

Use the fan instead of aircon

Running aircon can add up to be costly. So, if you find yourself feeling the heat, close up the house and switch on the fan.

You'll save money on your bill and you'll still be able to keep cool in the summer heat.

You use a lot less electricity too! It's a win/win! 

Switch to solar energy

Reduce your home electricity bill by up to 60% by switching to solar energy! It's better for the environment, you'll use less water, it will reduce your carbon footprint, you don't have to worry about rising electricity prices and you'll save HUGE amounts every year!

If you want more information about why you should switch to solar energy, contact Sunwise Energy sooner rather than later. 

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13 October 2020

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In association with Sunwise Energy

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