“This Is Not A Union Dispute”: Eddie McGuire Explains AFL Pay Cuts

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Eddie McGuire has explained the pay cuts that AFL players will take and the lay offs around clubs in the wake of the league shutting down in the face of the Coronavirus threat.


"This is not a union dispute," Ed said on the Hot Breakfast.

"This is not people trying to get into it and claim a scalp... The situation is that the players have received money for this half of the year, because that was fair enough, everyone’s getting paid."

"It’s the next part of the journey that we have to get through until we actually start playing games again and we can get some money coming in.

"The Channel 7 money, the Foxtel money, stopped this week. It’s finished, it’s all over.

"There’s no gate receipts, the AFL is cutting through its costs, all the clubs are cutting through their costs, and we have to come to a elegant situation here… if there’s no money, there’s no money.

"We need to not screw the players at the same time. These are the centrepiece of our game, they’re wonderful people, they’re great young men, and we have to do the right thing."

Players will take at least a 50% pay cut, while clubs have been asked to shed up to 80% of their staff.

Tom Browne also said that the AFL are looking to use Marvel Stadium as leverage to secure a line of credit to help get them through the crisis.


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Rudi Edsall

23 March 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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