This Just May Be The Best Shower Cleaner Out There

Kymba has a crack at Koh

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Kymba Has A Crack is back and this time, she's taken on a new shower cleaning product.

Kymba writes:

My shower is gross. I'd love to say I clean it weekly, but I don't. And I never squeegee the water off after each shower.

I was desperate to find something to get it off - so I tried that product that keeps coming up in my Facebook feed... Koh (ekoWorx).

Here's Kymba's crack

There's a few reasons why it spoke to me:

  • Asthma friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Allergy friendly
  • Potassium hydroxide - water - mineral formulation
  • 100% Aussie owned

I bought the kit - 4L product, 3 diamond sponges and 4 microfibre cloths + spray, and while I wasn't looking forward to it, and I had low expectations, I got to work.

The diamond sponges definitely take some of the work out, but I did try the cloths too. I was actually really surprised how easy it was to clean. Really!

Honestly, my shower looks amazing!

This kit was 50% off (and often is), so the kit cost me $55, and I hardly used any solution.

I also did the oven too (you can also do the BBQ, pots and pans)... it's SO GOOD!

4.5 cracks!!!

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28 March 2019

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