This Mistake Could Be Costing You...Lots!

Some Corners Shouldn't Be Cut.

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There are things in this world that can be taken care of with a good YouTube tutorial and lots of patience. We’re talking tyre changing, how to fix that leaky tap and of course how to poach an egg. But there’s a separate and very important category of tasks that really do need a professional.

You aren’t going to bust out the drill to investigate that toothache would you?

Strangely, insurance has recently slipped into the category of “go it alone”. It’s understandable, we suppose, what with everything seeming so accessible online. But what you don’t know you don’t know… can cost you.

Newcastle Insurance Group shared the missteps they managed to save their clients from.

There was the home storm damage not covered because it was technically categorised as “accidental damage”; the painting business who didn’t realise they weren’t covered for painting above a certain height; the financial planner whose policy didn’t cover financial advice given.     


Every little bit counts at the moment and it’s the perfect time of year to do an overhaul of your insurances, bank accounts & general life admin. Save yourself from the fine print and get help from an expert. After all, you wouldn’t whip out a drill for a toothache!

Hit up Newcastle Insurance Group and they’ll compare your business, home or car insurance for no fee. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

1 June 2020

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