This New Toilet Seat Design Is Specifically Made To Ruin Your Mid-Morning Toilet Break

Why? WHY?

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people but it's important to remember that we're here for one another. We won't let this break us.

A start-up in the UK has designed a toilet seat that specifically targets employees who take their time on the toilet, turning their unofficial mid-morning break into an "unbearable" situation.

According to StandardToilet's Mahabir Gill, the "StandardToilet" seat slopes downwards at a 13-degree angle, which strains the leg muscles to simulate something similar to a gentle squat thrust.

The seats would essentially render prolonged periods on the toilet a thing of the past, with Gill claiming a maximum of five minutes before discomfort levels became "unbearable".


But that may not even be the worst of it; StandardToilet now holds the patent from any slant between five and 35 degrees after estimating that a 35-degree downward angled toilet seat could reduce time spent in the toilet by 30 per cent.

As it is, StandardToilet suggests that installing 13-degree angled toilets could see a 25 per cent decrease in time spent in work toilets, equating to a saving of AUD$9.20 billion a year.

Obviously, the internet is having nothing of the invention, with the pretty fair argument that the design violates any and all accessibility standards for users.

Gill refutes the claims, claiming numerous health benefits for those using the StandardToilet including "promoting the engagement of upper and lower leg muscles which helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders".

Luckily for us, the patent is only in place in the UK so it'll be a long time before the horror of the StandardToilet hits out shores.

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Triple M Staff

18 December 2019

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Triple M Staff

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