Three AFL Couch Fans We Wish Stayed At Home

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Thank Ablett footy’s back! While we’re still a long way off from heading down to Marvel or The G to see the action live, at least we’ve got the couch! Only thing is…since we’re all so use to Iso, are you really ready to start sharing your couch with your mates?

No room...Sit on the floor.

Before you get the crew around to yours, make sure you weed out these characters.

The One who Can’t Stop Eating

Who does this remind you of?
The Bruce McAvaney Wannabe

We don't need another commentator....ssssshhhhh!
Those Who Can’t Sit Still

You're not playing the game...relax!

And while your mates might annoy the hell out of you, at least you know you’re bonded by your love of AFL and Sport.

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22 June 2020

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