Three Awesome Tips To Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track

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30 January 2018


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So - no surprise here, but a study has confirmed that one third of us Aussies fail our new year;'s resolutions by the end of January.

And... more non-surprising news - most of the failed resolutions centre around diet, exercise and fitness.

Body Fusion director and Lords personal trainer, Bec Durrant, reckons that much of the reasoning behind said failures comes down to trying to do too much, too quickly.

“For many of my clients, their New Year’s resolution involves going to the gym and getting fit - and for the first week of January they go every day and push themselves too hard in terms of exercise routines and diet.”

“I also see clients who decide to follow an extreme diet as part of their resolution, for example a juice cleanse, the grapefruit diet or even cabbage soup diet.”

“However, going from zero to 100 is much harder to achieve and therefore causes failure more often than not,” Bec said.

“My advice would be to follow the slow and steady approach. If you have a shiny new membership try to go once a week a build up the momentum. Also, don’t commit to following a strict new diet, rather try to change one small habit each week and soon healthy habits will become the new normal.”

Luckily for all of us would-be quitters, Bec has given some solid advice to those who feel like they could be wavering.

1. Cut Yourself Some Slack

The best way to get back on track is to not spend too much time beating yourself up because you haven’t achieved your goal. Use that energy to set a new goal and focus on achieving it. Remember 3 in 5 Aussies fail their New Year’s resolution so you are not alone, do your best to get back on track and start kicking your goals for the rest of 2018!

2. Make Small Goals

I always tell my clients they should make small and achievable goals. I find it’s more positive to build up slowly than to fail fast. Too many people break their New Year’s resolutions because they made them too big and too hard to achieve. Small goals are achievable and once you have achieved one you can celebrate and build momentum to succeed in the next one.

3. Revamp Your Goals

I get my clients back on track by talking to them and asking the important question of why they think they stopped trying to achieve their goal. It’s important to think about this question and come up with an answer, as this will guide the solution to reaching it this time around. Remember to make your revamped goals small and realistic so you can stick to them for the remainder of 2018.

If you're liking what Bec's giving out here, she is available for a personalised approach to fitness goals.


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Written by: @dantheinternut

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