Community Rallies Behind Three Brothers Who've Lost Both Parents Within A Month

A Go Fund Me's been started

Claire Sherwood

23 November 2018

Claire Sherwood

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A Go Fund Me page has been started for three Logan brothers left struggling to make ends meet, after suddenly losing both parents in the space of a week. 

Karen Stagg, 48, lost her battle with prolonged health issues on August 31, leaving behind her three sons Jacob (22), Riley (17) and Kane (15).

The boys were further rocked, less than a month later, when they learned their dad, Adam Smith, had died at just 53. 

"He was quite sick, he had a few lung problems and liver and kidney problems... he was actually fighting for quite a while there and as soon as Mum went, he just couldn't do it anymore I don't think. A month later I got the news he had passed when my younger brother called up crying," Jacob said.

Jacob gave up his FIFO job to move home and support his brothers. 

"My youngest brother is 15, he's studying to be an electrical apprentice.. he wants to follow my footsteps I think.. and my second brother, Riley, is 17 and he's a second year apprentice cabinet maker."

"It's hard without my parents but looking after the boys is my main priority. I want to make sure there's food on the table, and make sure they grow up with the life they deserve."

With a new mortgage and growing utilities, education and grocery bills, the pressure on Jacob is immense. His cousin, Jess, started a fundraising page to help. 

"She's been great. This wouldn't have happened without her," he said. 

More than $10,000 has been raised in just two weeks, with that figure continuing to grow.

Jacob says it's simply overwhelming. 

"The amount of support we've had has been unbelievable. It really helps emotionally as well, just to know everyone's there and there is so many people who care."

"There's so many people out there who just want to help out, and even the comments they're leaving as well... it really helps."

If you want to 'Band Together for the Smith Bros', click HERE

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