Thursday Could Be Adelaide's Hottest Day On Record

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Adelaide could be heading for it’s hottest day ever on record this Thursday.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the forecast top temperature has increased from 44C to 45C – and just one degree cooler than the current record of 46C.

And John Nairn says the day won't be pleasant: 

"Thursday is going to be a horror day. We’re going to have very hot overnight conditions – most  the night in the low 30s with a minimum of 28 around dawn. We’ll rise to hot temperatures quite quickly on Thursday and the heat will hang on quite strongly into the evening and into the night.”

There’s two records on the line: Temperatures reached 45.7C in 2009 and in 1939 the heat reached 46.1C

“Those numbers are not far from being reached on Thursday,” Mr Nairn said.  

A change is expected early Friday morning.

Last week 69 people presented to hospitals across South Australia due to heat related illness.

How to deal with extreme heat:

Drink lots of water

Use fans and air conditioning

Stay inside in the cool

Avoid exercising in the heat

People with chronic illness and conditions are most as risk

Wear a hat, long sleeves and sunscreen

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Triple M Staff

22 January 2019

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Triple M Staff

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