Tiger Lily Hutchence Releases First Tracks And Yes, She Has Some Pipes On Her

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Finally! For years, countless INXS and Michael Hutchence fans have no doubt wondered whether his one and only offspring, Tiger Lily Hutchence, would dip her toe in the ocean of music, and if so, would she sound as awesome as what her old man did.

After all, Michael Hutchence fronted one of Australia's most successful bands, honing his unique rock voice through countless years of recording and touring, taking his music to the world.

Well, we have good news on both accounts. We've just discovered that Tiger Lily has released some tracks (under the guise of Heavenly) and yes, if that's her singing on the tracks, then she has some pipes on her.


Tiger's EP, called Tragic Tiger’s Sad Meltdown, was recorded right here in Oz (Perth, to be exact) and according to the blurb on the site on which she shared the music, she wrote:

“It’s a little tape-recording I made while in Fremantle... It’s many different versions of a few songs and recordings of our big, beautiful ocean. I wish I could upload as one long dream but it won’t work.”

Interestingly, she promises a second EP and that it's "a banger". Whilst we're guessing that this style of music won't be hitting your local radio station anytime soon, we know that curious fans of her old man might just go check this out.

Speaking of her Dad, we found this bit of audio from the vault. This is Michael Hutchence talking about what made INXS, well, INXS, and how their relentless touring and banging down doors finally paid off in spades.


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13 May 2020

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