Tim Rogers From You Am I Talks BTS Of Massive Aussie Tour With Jebediah

"We're not good at faking emotions"

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Rock icons You Am I and Jebediah, who have blessed Aussie music fans for over two decades, are slowly making their way across the country in a massive 21 date co-headline tour set to wrap up in December. 

The bands will be playing at The Triffid's 5th Birthday this Thursday night, and You Am I frontman Tim Rogers caught up with Triple M ahead of the massive gig.

Tim talked about everything from the band's relationships with each other to showing authentic emotion on stage. 

"You can be having a horrible day... but if you know you've got a show, you've got the opportunity to redeem yourself. It doesn't always work, I've gotta tell you, sometimes it goes the reverse way. But if you get yourself in a way that you're ready to purge your own troubles, and hopefully alleviate some troubles from other people who may need it for the same reasons you do. I've only discovered that in the last decade. For 20 years I was just so self involved that I didn't even really regard other people. And now... you think, well maybe someone needs this today."

- Tim Rogers

Listen to the full interview with Tim Rogers below... 

Get your tickets to The Triffid's 5th Birthday HERE or check out You Am I and Jebediah's remaining tour dates HERE

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Ebony Reeves

12 November 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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