Times Tumble At Busselton Jetty Swim

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Daniel Leach

10 February 2019

Daniel Leach

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Close to 3000 competitors took part in what has become the fastest edition of the SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim in its history.

Rhys Mainstone and Jaime Bowler taking out the event, both breaking records.

Mainstone flew through the water in the final kilometre to become the first swimmer to go inside 40 minutes for the 3.6km swim.

He finished in 39:35, wiping 29 seconds off the previous mark, set by two-time Olympian Travis Nederpelt in 2012.

While Jaime Bowler not only became a 7-time winner of the event, but also shaved 18 seconds off Melissa Breen's time from 2009 to swim 43:19.

Both Mainstone and Bowler received a $1,500 for breaking the records.

Conditions started windy early, which benefited the swimmers going out to shore.

"I did think I had a chance as I was swimming out as the wind was pushing us out to the end," Mainstone told Triple M's Dan Leach.

"But then I realised I gotta swim back into the chop. So I had to really get a wiggle on, stay strong in the head and keep pushing for the record."

Mainstone last competed in the Busselton Jetty Swim as a 17 year old in 2008, taking out the 15-19 year old boys category.

The 2-person team was taken out by Luke Burrows and Luke Petite in 49:41, while the 4-person event was taken out by The Taj Mahals team of Ben Russell, Harry Alliss, Xavier Collins and Jackson Anderson in 50:37.

This year also saw the introduction of the first ever One Mile Swim To Shore, which was taken out by Michael McPhee (22:38) and Neeve Fasher (24:04).



Men's Overall: Rhys Mainstone (39:35) - New Race Record
Women's Overall: Jaime Bowler (43:19) - New Race Record
Men's Under 15: Kaiden Richings (45:47)
Women's Under 15: Daisy Hewitt (50:19)
Men's 15-19: Kyle Lee (41:37)
Women's 15-19: Tessa Viljoen (44:29)
Men's 20-24: Kurt Wesley (44:25)
Women's 20-24: Jorja Clark (51:06)
Men's 25-29: Rhys Mainstone (39:35)
Women's 25-29: Gianne Leone (51:43)
Men's 30-34: Matt Bourke (43:24)
Women's 30-34: Caterina Paganelli (51:39)
Men's 35-39: Stephen Hughes (46:29)
Women's 35-39: Jaime Bowler (43:19)
Men's 40-44: Bob Tarr (45:26)
Women's 40-44: Jaye-Anne Reynolds (51:13)
Men's 45-49: Tim Hewitt (43:16)
Women's 45-49: Rebecca Foulkes-Taylor (54:41)
Men's 50-54: Aaron Maxwell (44:28)
Women's 50-54: Kylie English (49:13)
Men's 55-59: Craig Martin (48:18)
Women's 55-59: Paula Redbond (51:48)
Men's 60-64: Paul Blackbear (43:21)
Women's 60-64: Lyle Kildea (52:58)
Men's 65-69: Stephen O'Keefe (56:51)
Women's 65-69: Jan McGowan (1:02:52)
Men's 70-74: Albert Haak (1:02:23)
Women's 70-74: Margo Sudintas (1:12:57)
Men's 75-79: Robert Watkins (58:47)
Women's 75-79: Nil
Men's 80-84: Ronald Edwards (1:16:01)
Women's 80-84: Jan Gill (1:44:47)

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