Toby Greene Under Fire For 'Karate Kick'

"He's gotta go for it, Toby Greene."

Ethan Meldrum

11 August 2017

Ethan Meldrum

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GWS forward Toby Greene will come under more scrutiny from the match review panel after his boot collected Luke Dahlhaus in the face.

Greene leapt to collect the ball, but did so with his right foot extended, collecting Dahlhaus in the face.

The incident caused a big scuffle on the wing, and drew blood from Dahlhaus's mouth.

Greene was reported for rough conduct for the incident, according to Triple M's Neroli Meadows.


"That is trouble I reckon for Toby Greene!" Mark Howard said on Triple M.

Luke Darcy's immediate verdict was that Greene should be suspended.

"He's gotta go for it, Toby Greene. He's gotta go for it," he said.


Chris Judd summed it up with a sense of humour.

"I haven't seen as clean a karate kick since Jackie Chan was cruising the streets of Shanghai!" he laughed.

"You'd want a refund on the anger management course."

The crowd was furious at Greene, booing him as he took a mark inside 50 and kicked a goal moments later.

"I've never seen anything like this - the fans are absolutely giving it to Toby Greene as he came to the bench there," Meadows reported from the boundary.

"It felt really hostile."

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