Toby Keith To Release Greatest Hits: The Show Dog Years

Release date October 25

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Need more Toby Keith music in your life - who doesn't!?

Toby is set to release “Toby Keith Greatest Hits: The Show Dog Years” on October 25.

The collection of songs comes from Toby’s years under his own record label “Show Dog Nashville” which he launched in 2005.  There will be four new songs on the album including his current single “That’s Country Bro” along with some of the big dog’s biggest hits.

 “Well, folks, here it is,” he writes in the liner notes. “The Show Dog years’ biggest hits. I know it’s long overdue, but we put them all in one big pile. Twenty-five years went by fast, but I’m very blessed to have this wonderful career. Still kickin’ it, too. See ya out there on the road.”


1. That’s Country Bro*
2. Made In America
3. Beers Ago
4. Red Solo Cup
5. American Ride
6. Don’t Let the Old Man In*
7. God Love Her
8. Hope On The Rocks
9. Trailerhood
10. Cryin’ For Me (Wayman’s Song)
11. She Never Cried In Front Of Me
12.  High Maintenance Woman
13. Love Me If You Can
14. Lost You Anyway
15. Back In The 405*
16. American Ride (Official Remix)* 
* Newly recorded songs


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Shania Twang

5 August 2019

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Shania Twang

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