Todd Greenberg: Pass Or Fail?

Review of his first year

19 March 2017

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NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has officially been in the top job for a year, and the Sunday Triple M NRL team has had a look at his time as the big boss. Listen to the full report below.

"I think I'd give him a C+," Triple M's Paul Kent said.

"He's done exactly what the NRL wanted him to do - he came in after Dave Smith and he's able to talk about rugby league.

"If you start to peel back the layers though, after a lot of tough talk early about the Parramatta salary cap, to come out and penalise Parramatta and still allow them to be a chance to win a grand final...

"And I know there's all arguments about them being able to play once they get under the salary cap, but they were allowed to achieve a winning culture and benefit from it.

'And it's the same with the match-fixing. They didn't quite go to the extent of saying that he's (Simona)banned for life.

"In the future if we have a new CEO and head of the integrity unit, they might say that it wasn't that bad and allow him back in.

"I've spoken to the NRL about it and they've said that if they come out and say 'life ban', there's a greater risk that he can take legal action against them for a restraint of trade.

"But I said, show some balls and do it!"

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