Tom Browne Explains Which Private Jet Shane Warne Needs To Play In The Bushfire Game

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There is perhaps no person bigger aviation nuff than Hot Breakfast chief footy reporter Tommy Browne.

So when it turned out Shane Warne needed the help of a private jet to both play in the Bushfire Charity T20 and make it to South Africa for an event on Tuesday, Tom did the maths as to exactly what kind of plane he needed and who could provide it.


“It’s more than 11,000 kilometres, 8,300 from Perth to Jo’burg, Melbourne to Perth, 2,700,” Tom said.

“The big planes, they take about 450 gallons of petrol per hour, which means we’d need about five and a half thousand gallons to get across to South Africa for Warney, which is roughly at current prices worth about $20,000 including reserves each way.

“He’ll basically need a Global Express Jet… or a Gulf Stream bigger than Norman’s, bigger than Greg Norman’s, at least a G-550 or G-650 Gulf Stream… or you need a Falcon 7X.”

Tommy had a list of people that owned the planes Warney could potentially use.

“The 7 Chairman, Kerry Stokes, he’s got a Global Express Jet… James Packer has a couple of Global Express Jets, the Foxes have Global Express Jets,” he said.

“The Gandels who own Chadstone, they’ve got a Global Express Jet, Paul Little, who’s got a couple of G-650s, Essendon chairman.”

And the list doesn’t end there.

Turns out there’s plenty of people who can help Warney out!

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Rudi Edsall

7 February 2020

Article by:

Rudi Edsall

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